"Dancing with Spheres", Animal Rescue League of Boston, 2013
Commissioned by a fellow animal lover, a bronze grouping of whimsical animals with stainless steel trees. It's made of bronze and stainless steel and is 12' high x 10' long.
For a video of the event, Click Here

"It's Turtles all the Way Down", Esplanade Playspace
Scheduled for installation in December, 2011

"Palette Weathervane"
Wth the help of the Cambridge Arts Council nine artists were selected to create site specific art for the Maud Morgan Visual Arts Center. In the spring of 2010, David Phillips designed and installed a copper, bronze and stained glass weathervane. In the form of an artistís palette with brushes, it now sits atop the original cupola.

"Island Shelter"
Design and fabricate shelters for Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor.
This collaboration with Charles Jones was installed in 2010. The concept - a synthesis of New England maritime imagery: the Grand Banks fishing dory, a breaching whale, and the remains of a shipwreck. The project was funded by The New England Foundation for the Arts and The National Parks Service.